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The Most Authoritative Interview Preparation Kit on the Internet with over 30,000 Questions & Answers, used by thousands of Successful Candidates around the globe.


Special Price for Indian Customers Rs. 2,990 Rs. 1,990 Rs. 990 Only for next 2 Days.
Order before March 22 and get the special discounted price for limited time only.

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Order before March   22 and get the special discounted price for limited time only.

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Vyom Interview Success Kit - World's Largest
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Are you missing lots of job opportunities due to lack of preparation?
What if you know all the questions being asked in Interviews beforehand!

New! Now over 30,000 Interview Questions, WITH ANSWERS
In this new Interview Success Kit, we have added 30,000 new questions with Answers.
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"Special Interview Success Kit, with over 4,000 8,000 30,000 Interview Questions & Answers, covering 95% of the interview topics! "

"Yes, questions in our Interview Success Kit cover over 95% of all the topics in any Technical/HR interview. Just imagine, you are facing an interview, and you have read all the questions being asked, many times before! Won't you be able to convert your interview chance?"

Finally you have an interview preparation kit that you can use as a standard text book for all the interviews - whether it is Technical Interview or HR Interview. At Vyom, our 40 58 subject experts, having specialization in different areas of HR and technology, compiled together the fantastic solution for cracking any interview. Its a perfect interview cheat code. A great collection of over 4,000 30,000 interview questions with answers to give you the complete and exact idea about what is going to be asked in your next interview.

There is no other success kit for interviews like this!

Subject wise distribution of interview questions and answers: (Instant Download)

Interview Question Category No. of Questions with Answers
Java & J2EE Interview Questions & Answers
Includes EJB, Java, JDBC, JMS, JSP, Servlet and Struts Interview Questions with Answers
ASP .NET, ASP, C#, VB, .Net Interview Questions & Answers

Includes ASP .NET, C#, ADO .NET, .NET Architecture, ASP, DataGrid, Dot Net Basics, VB .Net and VB Interview Questions with Answers

Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Common Testing Techniques, Software Testing, Bug Tracking, Database Testing, Product Testing, Quality Assurance Testing, Test Cases, Testing Basics, Testing Discussion and Scenarios, Web Testing, Whitebox Testing and Wireless Testing Interview Questions with Answers

HR & General Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Career Goals, Company Knowledge, Creativity, Decisiveness, Flexibility, HR, Candidate Interests, Job Performance, Leadership, Motivation, Salary, Self Assessment, Self Worthiness, Skills, Tough Questions, Warm-up and Work History Interview Questions with Answers

Database Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Clipper, DBA, Firebird, Hierarchical, Informix, Microsoft Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Network, Object Relational, PL/SQL, Postgre SQL, Progress, SQL, SQL Server, Stored Procedures, Sybase, Teradata Interview Questions with Answers

Oracle Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Backup & Recovery, DB Concepts & Architecture, Data Access, Database Administration, Database Security, Distributed Processing, Oracle, Memory Management , ONT, Oracle Architecture, Oracle Forms 3.0 and 4.0, PL-SQL, SQL Plus, Programming Constructs, Scenarios and SQL in Oracle Interview Questions with Answers

Data Warehousing & Database Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Abinitio, Analysis Services, BO Designer, Business Intelligence, Business Objects, Cognos, Data Warehousing concepts & basics, DataStage, ETL, Informatica, MicroStrategy, ReportNet Interview Questions with Answers

Programming Languages Interview Questions & Answers

Includes C, C++, Perl, PHP, VBA and XML Interview Questions with Answers

Mainframe Interview Questions & Answers

Includes COBOL, DB2, IDMS, JCL & VSAM Interview Questions with Answers

Operating System Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Linux, *nix Shell, Solaris, Unix, Unix Commands, Unix Programming and Windows Interview Questions with Answers

Science Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Embryology, Geology, Immunology, Mathematics, Metallurgy, Pathology, Pharmaceutical, Physics, Psychology, Zoology/Botany Interview Questions with Answers

Hardware Interview Questions & Answers

Includes 8085, 8086, A+ & Basic PC, BIOS, Bluetooth, CD-ROM Drive, CPU, Computer Architecture and Design, Electronics, Embedded Systems, Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, Hardware & Software Design, Hardware Design, Intel, Microprocessor, Motherboard, RAM, X86, Zip Drive Interview Questions with Answers

MBBS Interview Questions & Answers 

Includes Anatomy, Biochemistry, ENT, Gynecology, Medicine, Microbiology, Nursing, Orthopaedics, Pharmacology, Physiology, Psychiatry, Radiology, Surgery, Veterinary Interview Questions with Answers

Certifications Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Check Point Certification, CISCO Certification, CIW Certification, IBM Certification, Microsoft Certification, Novell Certification, Oracle Certification, PMI Certification, Red Hat Certification, Software Quality Assurance Certification, Sun Certification, Sybase Certification, Testing Certification Interview Questions with Answers

Peoplesoft Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Component Interface, PeopleCode, PeopleTools, PS Admin, PS Mixed and SQR Interview Questions with Answers

Networking Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Client Server Computing, Computer Networks, Networks and Security Interview Questions with Answers

Finance & Accounting Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Audit, Banking, Cashier, Cost Accounting, Deposit Accounting, Finance, Fixed Assets, General Ledger, Payroll and Supervisory, Personal Accounting, Retail, Sweep, Transactionl Account, User Account Interview Questions with Answers

SAP Interview Questions & Answers

Includes ABAP, BDC, SAP DB, SAP Internal Tables, SAP Modules and SAP Reports Interview Questions with Answers

Web Interview Questions

Includes Action Script, AJAX, Apple Script, Autocad, CSS, Domain Name, Java Script, Jquery, Python, SEO, VB Script, W3C, WAP, Web Browsers, Web Building, Web Careers, Web Developers, Web Hosting, Web Quality, Web Security, Web Semantic, Web Services, Weblogic, WML Script, XSLT Interview Questions with Answers

Multimedia Interview Questions & Answers 

Includes Compression Standard, Flash, GIF, Gimp, Gnuplot, Graphics, Mass Communication, Matlab, Media, Multimedia Compression, Photoshop, Scientific Visualization, SMIL, SVG, Telecomunications Interview Questions with Answers

Siebel Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Siebel General and Siebel Realtime Interview Questions with Answers


There are over 30,000 Interview Questions, with Answers so you don't have to worry about browsing the net or text books for correct answers. Our subject experts have already done it for you... If you are still not convinced, see what else is in stock for you, absolutely FREE!

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50 HR Interview Questions with Answers - Free Bonus for Interview Success Kit

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"50 HR Interview Questions with Answers". Yes, this eBook is a must if you are planning to attend an interview. Review these typical interview questions and think about how you would answer them. Read the questions listed; you will also find some strategy suggestions with it. AND yes, there is a very special bonus for you!

400 Logical & Aptitude Puzzles with Solution - Free Bonus for Interview Success Kit

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A collection of 400 Solved Logical & Aptitude Puzzles to help increase your skills and to help you get through your Written Exam.

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